Hitachi-OMRON T.S. (HOTS): Japanese manufacturer of Card Readers, has a varied range of manual and motorized readers, of magnetic stripe and chip which apply both the last advances on security and fraud prevention (AntiSkimming; AntiFishing), and the most update standardizations for payment systems (EMV).

These readers are basically included in user identification systems in No Attended Terminals (parking payment, toll gate, cash point, hotel systems, access control, etc). 

As a result of our experience on the reader market, we have developed our own complete system of emission and issue of magnetic stripe ticket.

Our flexible system allows our adaptation to the different configurations our clients could need from only one magnetic head to some of them with bar code reader (1D and 2D QR)

Our print system allows the using of an impact printer or thermal printer. Our terminals are used in highways, parking, ticket sales, etc…


Our modularity allows the reading of all kind of tickets: magnetic stripe, bar code or chip cards.


EMV Payment Solutions Level 2 of GiTEC for Non Attended terminals are designed to be adapted to a wide environment of Non Attended Applications. They offer modularity on their integration; safe PIN encoder systems and their transmission in accordance to EMV established standards.

Our system is designed to be used inside and outside thanks to its hardness.


This solution is composed of the following elements:

  • Manual or motorized certified reader level 1 EMV (certification PED/PCI depending on the validation ON or OFF of PIN)
  • PIN PAD for the validation ON or OFF of PIN, with certification PED/PCI
  • External Kernel with certification level 2 EMV

Disponemos de una plataforma homolagada en Redsys para el pago recurrente desde una aplicación movil / web.

Industrial IP Voice Solutions  base on SIP standard.

OEM Intercom to install on remote machine

Switchboard server for network management OEM intercoms.

GITEC ofrece a sus clientes servicios especializados de diseño industrial de componentes o equipos completos.


Por nuestra experiencia y conocimientos de mecanización, fabricación, montaje y mantenimiento, algunas empresas comenzaron a pedirnos colaboración desde la fase de diseño, y en la actualidad el diseño industrial se ofrece en nuestra lista de servicios.

Ponemos a su disposición un equipo de profesionales expertos, tanto si necesita ayuda para el diseño, como si desea tener una segunda opinión antes de encarar el proceso de fabricación.

Disponemos de software de diseño y análisis en 3D (Solid Works)

  • Aceptadores de Billetes
  • Aceptadores de Monedas
  • Recicladores de Billetes
  • Recicladores de Monedas

Nuestro equipos RFID ofrecen una gama completa que incluye:

  • Inlay, con difetentes formatos
  • Tag, con diferntes formatos y encasulados.
  • Antenas y Letores/Grabadores Fijos
  • Lector Grabadores Portatiles
  • Software de Desarrollo.

Trabajamos conjuntamente con nuestros cientes para llegar a la slución más adecuada que cumpla las necesidades planteadas.

Estos sistemas pueden ser actualizamos bajo demanda. Nuestros equipos estan disponibles para las siguientes frecuencias:

  • LF (Low Frequency), 125 kHZ
  • HF (High Frequency), 13.56 Mhz, I-Code SLI, MiFARE ISO 14443 A, A&B
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) 850 to 950 Mhz, EPC GEN 2
  • Active Micro Wave , 2.4 Ghz

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Our forward - looking approach is to continue innovating with new solutions that allow us to partner with our customers in more and more application areas. Whether you are working in industrial, consumer, automotive or communication electronics, our wide product range provides solutions that will help you to face the new needs


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We work with the main manufacturers of automation industrial components. Our wide range of products allows us to group a great number of industrial applications.


Photoelectric Sensors

Inductive Sensors

Fibre Optic Amplifiers

Vision Sensors and Systems

Level Sensor

 Safety Components

Safety Sensors

Safety Barriers 

Power Systems

Power Supplies


DC/DC Converters

Battery Charger 

Control Components

Teperature Controllers



Programmable Relays

Digital Panels

Signal Converters 

Automation Systems



Servo Systems

Wide range of Power Systems. Our products can reach to a complete power solution.
Optoelectronic components ans systems:
  • OEM modules.
  • Communication modules.

Different type of sensors:

  • Capacitive sensors.
  • Flow sensors
  • Accuracy sensors
  • Slope and Vibration sensors.