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Hitachi-OMRON T.S. (HOTS): Japanese manufacturer of Card Readers, has a varied range of manual and motorized readers, of magnetic stripe and chip which apply both the last advances on security and fraud prevention (AntiSkimming; AntiFishing), and the most update standardizations for payment systems (EMV).

These readers are basically included in user identification systems in No Attended Terminals (parking payment, toll gate, cash point, hotel systems, access control, etc). 

Sub Family

  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Reading track 2, and track 1,2 and 3.
  • Lo Co and Hi Co reading.
  • TTL, USB or RS232 interface.
  • Optional: Metal housing
  • Magnetic Stripe or Chip. Hybrid.
  • Complete insertion of the card or partial insertion.
  • TTL, USB or RS232 interface.
  • EMV L1 approval, TQM Action Plan Number.
  • Option: Metal bezel, 5 sam board.
  • Magnetic Stripe, Chip, Hybrid, Hi Co and Lo Co.
  • TTL, USB, RS232 interface.
  • EMV L1 approval, TQM Action Plan Number
  • Option: Shutter, RFID reader, desktop housing.