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We work with the main manufacturers of automation industrial components. Our wide range of products allows us to group a great number of industrial applications.


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Our automation components offer full integration of the machine with the strength and flexibility offered by the PLC. Allow full automation of machines and plants from a single platform.

The objective is to minimize the effort and time invested in the automation process. The Smart Platform concept is based on:

  • One software: A single software environment for ma'quina covering detection, regulation, control, motion and visualization.
  • One connection: No matter what the device, the fieldbus or the task being performed, all you need is a connection to gain complete access to the machine.
  • All in one minute: Basic based programming of Objects drag and drop as well as the settings for the entire system

Our range of digital instrumentation covers:

  • voltimeters
  • ammeters
  • tachometers
  • tottalizers
  • Measurement Converters

Level Controls for Liquids and Solids.

All types of probes and control relays.

Timers, voltage control relays, relay control phase failure, current control relays, etc.